"Racers & Chasers"  
Riding Because We Love It !

Riding because we love it!
First Timers and Chasers presented be Zumwalts Bicycle Center

This class is designed for all that are interested in racing mountain bikes but may be nervous about racing.  All First Timers and Chasers will start in their own wave after the Beginner riders.  There are no awards for this class as it is just designed to be a great way to be involved in the race scene without the pressure of racing!  All First Timers and Chasers will be timed for their awesome efforts around the course.  Your times will be posted on the results the same as all of the other classes both on site and online!

ALL participants of our events receive a schwag bag filled with awesome discounts and coupons as well as number plates and a ticket to the raffle!

This is a great way to meet lots of other people that enjoy being outdoors like you!

Come out and join us for a great time on trails that are marked and prepared especially for the race day!